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Computer Repair Services you can trust.

At GeeksPlus, we offer free Computer/System Diagnosis as our courtesy to our Customers. Just bring your Computer to our store and we will diagnose any problem or situation that hinders your system's performance.

Services you can trust.

You will receive a free written diagnostic report upon request. We will also suggest the best solution or repair to bring your system on its optimum performance. Our checklist for Diagnosis Include:

  • -Check (OS) Operating System errors, registry, kernel, etc … errors
  • -Check for Program errors, bad or corrupted installation.
  • -Check for Virus, Malware, worms, Trojans etc…
  • -Check motherboards for short circuit, bad CAPS, etc..
  • -Check CPU and its cooling system environments.
  • -Check other parts if available and works as expected.
  • -Check all cables and attached hardware..

Upon agreement with a customer we will fix, correct and repair any findings from our diagnosis above. We will also install and configure software and Program including antivirus and OS updates as required. We will make sure your system will run like new again or even better. If necessary we will suggest to you whether you need system upgrade or replacement. Give us a call or stop to our store for a free consultation.